Could I have another day for the weekend?

LOL, yes, it’s what I say every damn Sunday. But, it’s been a nice and lazy weekend of farmers marketing and watching ALL THE SPORTS.

I know I have truly gotten old, as I really don’t care who wins and I have lost count of how many times I have said out loud, “Oh, good for them!” Especially when it’s “Country X has never gotten a medal in Event Y before now!” How can you *not* get excited for them?

My only big plan for today beyond watching the Olympics was to finally try some Indian food – there is a new place fairly close to us that is getting good reviews and it occurred to me that I’ve somehow never really had Indian food? (Samosas & naan, but that’s it.) But, my brother also brought home food from the bar last night, so the adventure is on hold until next weekend. Which is probably good since I still need to figure out what the best “beginner” Indian dish is. Right now, it’s probably going to either be Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, or Chicken Tandoori. (I’m avoiding items with “fiery chili” in the descriptions for the time being.) Oh, and totally getting the “bread basket” that has 3 kinds of naan and mashed potato bread.

And thanks to the Delta variant, I’m back to daily monitoring of local conditions, gah. (I didn’t totally stop paying attention, I just backed off a bit as things improved.) CDC says we’re at “moderate” risk at the moment, and we’re averaging 68 cases a day in the county, which is right around where we were this time last summer. But, in a bright spot, we have finally broken the 60% mark on fully vaccinated folks, and over the past week, we’re averaging more first doses than second doses, so more folks are stepping up to the plate – it’s probably driven by school starting shortly, and I’ll take it. The county is also mandating masks for schools, regardless of vax status, and that should help keep school based outbreaks at bay.

But I’ll admit, I’m tired of having to do a risk assessment every time I leave the house. It’s obviously better now that I’m vaccinated and I feel fine doing things vaxxed + masked, but it’s still tiring. I know that disabled and immunocompromised folks do this every day of their lives, and I feel for them. If I’m tired, I know others must be full on exhausted.

I don’t know what carrots/sticks/whatever we have left, but it looks like employer mandates may be what breaks this. Not loving that we had to get to “get your shot or get fired” – but, we have to get people vaccinated. (And hey, if folks wanna be all “I didn’t want to but my boss is a dick” – fine! Use your employer as cover!) And Disney World mandating it – I can’t wait to watch DeSantis try to go up against The Mouse, or if he suddenly decides not to fuck with one of the biggest employers in the state. (Seriously, WTF is wrong with that guy?)

But, thank god I do not live in Florida.

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