WordPress, you crack me up

When I log in to write, there is always a little notice of other WP services – and there are two that just make me snort. First, there is one for their podcast software/service. NO, WORDPRESS, I SWORE I WOULD GET THROUGH THIS PANDEMIC WITHOUT STARTING A PODCAST! The second is monetization options – subscriptions/tips/digital downloads, etc. I love that they think there is a paying audience for a slightly unhinged stream-of-consciousness substitute-for-therapy blog. I appreciate that you believe in me, WP.

Kinda sad that the Olympics are almost over. I know it shouldn’t have gone on, but it has been so enjoyable to watch all these incredibly talented people. I think the only event I haven’t seen at least a few minutes of is karate. Also, it’s been a great way to avoid housework. Can’t vacuum, I’ve got 10 hours of sports to watch!!

And I’ve really enjoyed that there are more women’s and mixed events this time around – let’s do more of that next time! And I have really enjoyed the rowing/kayaking/canoeing events. My god, they’re soothing. (I am old.) But soothing is good these days.

On the fucking pandemic front, I swear anytime I hear an official say, “We’re not going backwards” with regards to public safety measures, what I really hear is, “We’re OK with killing kids as long as businesses stay open.” Here in the county, we have a mask mandate for county facilities, which is the government centers/annexes, rec centers, and the animal shelters. I can’t think of any other public facing county facilities off the top of my head. Thank god we at least have a mask mandate for the schools. (How we can have that but not a general public mask mandate at the county level, I do not know, but apparently, we can’t.)

The state isn’t doing shit. I’ve written the Governor again – not that it will do any good, but maybe enough squeaky wheels will do the trick. Last year when they put the mandate in place, we were averaging 1083 cases/day – now we’re at 1469. What the fuck, Gov? (Yes, they are requiring vaccination for state employees, but that’s less than 2% of the population.)

Thing is, when the Governor did the mask mandate last year, there was surprisingly little bitching about it around here. Maybe a couple whiny comments on Nextdoor, but everyone just did it. But when all we have are “recommendations” – folks just aren’t going back and that is so disappointing. In my errands this week since we went from “moderate” to “substantial” transmission – I’d say it’s only about 50-60% of folks that are masking up. I don’t know if it’s vaccinated people who are feeling invincible, or unvaccinated folks who just don’t give a shit, or what.

Masks are simple and effective. They lessen the risk of covid, colds, and flu. Bonus allergen filtration. You can get them in a metric fuckton of colors and patterns and themes. I’ve been double masking (again), and have found that the combination of an ASTM-3 mask with my beloved Vera Bradley masks over it works very well. Putting the VB masks over the surgical masks takes care of the gaps at the sides of the surgical mask and makes it all nice & secure, and when all is said and done, I’ve got five colorfully topped layers between me and all the damn cooties out there. WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE OK WITH COOTIES THESE DAYS?!

And yes, my mask is a wee bit of signaling. It says, “I care about myself, you and your family and I don’t want ANY of us to get sick.” Also, LOOK AT THIS MASK, IT HAS FLAMINGOES ON IT!

Mask up, stay safe, grab takeout and take care.

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