Andrew Luck

So, I don’t follow the NFL particularly closely, but it was impossible to miss Andrew Luck’s retirement yesterday on my Twitter feed.

And apparently some folks are big mad about it – like this ass:


I’ll admit, for a second when I heard initial tweet below, I thought for a second, “Hmph, must be nice.”

But it was fleeting and replaced by, “Yes, it IS nice. And we shouldn’t expect people to continue in jobs that aren’t worth it to them anymore if they’re in a position to walk away.” Hell, I’m moving my ass to a new department in 8 weeks, because I am mentally worn out. (We should all be so lucky to have options.)

The game has been hard on him, mentally and physically. For him to stay and be miserable for the entertainment of NFL fans just isn’t something anyone should ask from him.

The only thing pro athletes “owe” to fans* is to do their best on the field and not be an ass off the field. And regardless of what you do for a living, we all know that it’s pretty much impossible to do your best when you’re miserable.

I hope Andrew Luck finds joy in the next stage of his life.

* And I use “owe” very loosely here.

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