Seriously, NBC, why aren’t you showing the rings in Men’s gymnastics?! It’s hard and cool and people like it!

And Simone Biles is the GOAT for Noping the fuck outta there when she realized, “I could very well kill myself if I try this.” I am so damn proud of her for that. (Also speaks to some real improvement in coaching. Gawd, the Karolyi’s were awful in retrospect.)

I absolutely know these Olympics shouldn’t have gone on, but I so love them. A better person would have boycotted them, but the distraction from the world is so nice.

Distractions from things like this stupid project I shouldn’t be on. But today, I **finally** got through to the person that has been trying to teach me how to do this shit that I am just not the right person for this. It’s not for lack of trying, but you just can’t pick a rando from left field for this. He finally asked, “Would you be offended if I took over?” OH MY GOD, PLEASE DO. I’ll sit and watch for the rest of this development cycle – maybe I’ll feel I can give it a whirl after that, but I’m not holding my breath on that.

It really needs someone who is higher on the food chain with more visibility into how everything is connected (since the team is split working on 3 different versions and two different modules, FML) and more just involved in stuff up on that level in general.

It has been a great learning experience, in that I’ve learned I never want to be in project management or even project management adjacent. Just let me sit and test shit in peace.

So, that was a win for the day.

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