Happy Snowy Superb Owl Day!

And owls are pretty damn superb, so I’m glad they have their own day.

Love me some owls

And there is some sporting event today as well. And for the first time in 25 years, little bro is not spending the day with his buddies. And I know they’re all disappointed, but I am so glad they’re skipping it. I’m sure they could have rationalized their way into it, but yeah, glad they didn’t.

And I do feel really bad for them all, because the get together has always been far less about the game and all about just getting together once a year. (I suggested finding a ridiculous sporting event later in the year to use as a reason to have their party.)

My brother went out yesterday and got ALL THE SNACKS and he’ll be having his own little Super Bowl party.

As far as the game itself, I am not even which teams are playing, but I do know Patrick Mahomes is one of the QB’s. That is the extent to which the NFL has managed to grab my attention this season.

In recent years, I’ve half-watched to see the commercials, but this year it seems it’s all going to be “we’re all in this together” nonsense, which is extra bullshit given that WE ARE VERY MUCH NOT ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

I’m happy for the health care workers that get to go and I’m sure they’ll have a good time – the BBC is interviewing a gentleman who is getting to go to the game and he’s a Bucs fan to boot – he’s so excited!

My big plans for the day are to try and knock off everything on the to-do list (got yesterday all done, and today’s is a touch shorter, YAY) and continue half-watching Britannia on Amazon Prime. I’ve not been paying super close attention, but we’ve got Celts, Druids, & Romans and they’re all trying to kill each other.

Enjoy the game if you’re watching, stay warm & dry if it’s snowing where you are, and have a lovely day.

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