Made it to the happy place

Lily was very good on the 45 minute drive to the kennel, only hollered a couple times. I think the new car threw her off her yelling game

Timed everything out to try to get here by 3, made it by 3:15. And the car got 30 miles to the gallon on the trip down! (The old Jeep did not do that well…)

There was a pollinator garden at one of the rest stops!

Small field of yellow and purple wildflowers
Thanks VDOT!

Tacos and BBQ were acquired last night and were delicious, and I was in bed and out like a light by 1030, which is probably why I was wide awake at 8 this morning.

And this morning, my favorite decadent, slow lane activity: sitting down and reading the paper with my coffee

Front page of the Virginian Pilot.  Headline: State to get at least 80M from Perdue Pharma

Also visited with the turtles this morning, not many out there, but there was a storm last night and I suspect they’re still hunkered down in other parts of the pond. Did see a wee baby turtle! Hopefully I’ll see it again and get a snap of it.

You have a lovely Saturday and I hope you can find some time and space for your favorite slow lane stuff.

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