So far, so good.

The last ~36 hours:

Eat, eat, sleep, coffee shop, read, read, read with some adult beverages and watch the turtle pond, nap, snack, eat, sleep, coffee shop, watch the turtle pond.

My more recent ancestors probably think I’m a lazy git, but the cave dwelling ones?

“Well, not sure what you’re reading if you don’t have cave walls, but sleep is super important, and you don’t have to chase your food? Or be chased by your food? Awesome!”

It’s all about picking which ancestors you want to impress.

The creek behind the house is possibly the most soothing place on the planet.

So soothing.

I really don’t understand how the folks who own this house haven’t chucked everything and moved here.

It’s a bit ridiculous.

And this little one just appeared on the deck. He has been named Wee Bob.

Photo of a small green lizard
So tiny!

My pandemic focus has been shit, so I was very excited to finish a book yesterday – A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking – technically YA, but awesome.

It’s easier to read here cause I also don’t have that asshole voice in the back of my head going, “You should be getting shit done around the house.” There is nothing to tend to here other than my personal needs. (Also probably one of those signs that I should get the house cleaned so I can relax more at home…)

Some years, I have a very hard time unwinding when I get here. This is not one of those years. I have basically been a human puddle since arrival, and it’s very nice.

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