The things we get happy about these days

Dare County is mask mandatory starting tomorrow!!  They’ve had a small spike in cases and folks haven’t been doing it very well voluntarily, so they’re putting their foot down, and I am pleased as punch.  I was going to be masked up anyway if I went anywhere, but damn, it’s nice to know other folks will be as well.

The place with my beloved pato tacos is open for to-go with ordering at the counter, on the phone, or online, YAY!  My brother is in charge of dinners, and is researching who has to-go – so far, many of our favorites are doing takeaway.

I am so desperate for a change of scenery and freah seafood, and holy shit, only 18 days to go, and we’re gonna do this as safely as we can.  It won’t be the same, but it will be good, safe, and the break we need.  My hair will be a disaster, and I’ve got quite the quarantine bod, but I suspect I won’t be the only one.

I’ve even ordered biodegradable camping soap for the outside shower in case anyone feels the need to scrub themself silly before going in the house.

Of course, now that I’m thinking about it, holy shit I have a lot to get done around the house so we at least come back home to a somewhat non-disaster of a house.  But at least unlike last year, I won’t be killing myself at work trying to get everything done before leaving, which is a hella pleasant change.

And on that note, I should go clean.  But I’ve also just finished an afternoon beer and a steady rain has started and a nap is calling much louder.

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