Happy Crack O’ Dawn Wednesday

Who didn’t even hit the snooze button ONE TIME this morning? THIS GAL!

I feel like a smarter person would just move their normal wake up & start work time so it was consistent all week instead of just getting up an hour earlier one day a week, but…I am not smart. The sun isn’t even really up yet, and I don’t like that.

Even Lily is very, “But why, tho?” about all this pre-7AM activity.

And can we get a round of applause for our Lily? Thanks to the pandemic, we can’t get her preferred dry food (she gets prescription wet, we supplement with dry to cover those “ewh, I don’t like my wet food” streaks that occasionally happen) – so, I grabbed a bag of Iams – with salmon! – and who was a good girl that happily chowed down on it before bed last night? THE LILYMONSTER!

Well, time to go start the day, which also means the workday ends early – gotta find those silver linings.

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