It’s hard to get up

When you have this sweetie snuggled up on your legs making “must we get up?” noises.

Headshot of Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat
Sister Lily Loquacious of the Order of the Chattering Cats

But, I am up, I have my cold brew, and I am ready to take on the day. Things at work are a little more hectic than I’d anticipated for the week, a big bug I was supposed to test has been moved to the next maintenance cycle so my time has been backfilled with several other little bugs, so there was some “uhh, can I actually get this all done by Friday?” thoughts yesterday, but things are well in hand and all deadlines should be met without killing myself. Always a good feeling to look at the to-do list and think, “Yeah, I got this.”

But thinking about test schedules, I need to look at my September staycation – right now, I *think* it’s in a good spot in the month, but I need to take some time today and double check that – since I’m not actually going anywhere, I can easily move it a week in either direction, but I am taking that PTO – I will NOT lose that. I am many things these days, but a workaholic is not one of them anymore.

Lily has just informed me it’s time to dry her head (she drinks from the bathroom sink and soaks her head every time) and go to work – no wait, we have to look at the birds in the carport first.

You have a great day!

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