Haaaaaaaappy Friday!

We made it! Well done, you! I’m waiting for the Virginia Department of Health to update case data to see if we have managed another downward case day. Fingers crossed that we’re still on the right track.

I was kinda weird to begin with, but this pandemic has certainly made me extra weird. Always a little worried that everyone is going to freak out again and clear the grocery store. Tracking case and vaccination trends. Being annoyed that the health department stopped updating its datasets on the weekends. Keeping a sharp eye on the paper products in the house. (We have never run out. I am particularly proud of that.)

They were talking on the radio about how this is moving from pandemic to endemic – which is good but also sucks, because it feels like we’ve just accepted it – and we absolutely did not have to. I will never forget or forgive the Republicans and Q-Anon jackasses that got us where we are today.

But, it’s not all awful. I’ve got this goofy gal by my side. She’s been an excellent pandemic buddy. And last night, she got to try a bit of porkchop for the first time. And given that she immediately started climbing all over me to get a second little bite, I’d say she liked it, LOL.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sleeping on a blue blanket
Snoozy morning

And this second cross stitch ornament is coming along very quickly – I love it when it starts to look like something right away. And since I’ve got today off and no plans – I think I will be getting a lot done on it today.

Work In Progress - Christmas tree cross stitch - pineapple on top with two partial apples below, rest of tree to come

I’m very happy I got back to a point where I could focus on things so I can stitch instead of doomscrolling Twitter. It’s far healthier and I have something pretty at the end.

I’m gonna go stitch a bunch of x’s – you have a lovely day.

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