Goooooood morning!

Well, first piece of news I saw this morning was that Marjorie Taylor Greene has FINALLY been given the boot from Twitter. Her fucked up, disinfo laden genocidal Covid rant yesterday was the last straw – she should never have been given FIVE chances in the first place. And nothing of value will be lost here.

After yesterday’s half-successful bread loaf, I’m giving it another go today with a butter wash for the last 5 minutes to see if we can have a bread crust that isn’t rock hard. (The inside was truly good, tho – the loaf is already 3/4 gone.)

They were saying on the radio that Omicron could peak mid-January. That can’t come soon enough – our case numbers in the county are still nuts and I swear every time I add a new day to my little chart, the axis auto-adjusts. Our hospitalizations remain low, which is good, but our ER’s are apparently overwhelmed with people looking for PCR tests or are mildly symptomatic and don’t know what to do about it. (I get it, I’m not sure I’d know at what point to actively seek care.)

I cut my finger yesterday – very minor, fixed with a bandaid, totally fine today. But all I could think about was if it was worse, I’d be fucked. Walk into an ER or Urgent Care right now, and you’re walking out with Covid, plus the wait times… Outmaneuvering Covid is hard enough – doing everything you can to make sure you don’t need any *other* medical care, it’s a bit much.

Hang in there and be careful.

This day in my Google pics…

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