And to think

This weekend when I realized I’d need to be up early 3 of 5 days this week, I thought, “Maybe I should just do that every day.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s day 3 and I want to die.

But, I am awake. OK, I am awake enough.

On the Covid front – the household is booked for boosters. If you have Walgreens near you, you can put in your vaccination dates and it figures out the first date you can get the booster or a full 3rd dose, depending on your health situation. My brother & I both *technically* have “underlying medical conditions” – we didn’t mess with it to get early initial doses for a few reasons, but right now, there aren’t any supply issues here and our getting boosters isn’t going to screw over anyone else. Walgreens had 50+ appointments per day at each local location here.

And after IDK, well over six months, Lily has discovered there is a salad bar in the front window.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting next to a spider plant, trying to look innocent.
What? I’m just SITTING HERE!

The mister next to her front paws is sort of a deterrent – she knows there is water in it now, but if I am not holding it… Well, she knows it can’t spray itself. (It’s just plain water, it’s just catching something blue behind it.) But all the plants are cat safe, so that’s something, and it was really just a matter of time, LOL.

Well, I’ve got to go slog through this day – you have a great day, and if you qualify for a booster shot (it’s pretty loose) – think about getting one. If you still need that first shot – please go get it. I’m so very tired of staying home.

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