Happy Hump Day

And it’s an OMG it’s too early Wednesday here. And to think I had briefly contemplated getting up this early every day. HAHAHAHAHA!

On the Covid front, our state cases have been on a solid downturn, but the county has been kinda stuck, but we seem to finally be off that little plateau and dropping again, YAY! I’d really like an indoor cocktail somewhere other than my house again. (Yeah, there are a lot of other good reasons to be happy cases are dropping, and I am happy about those, but also, indoor booze.)

Now, watch today’s numbers be shit cause I’m all excited about our progress here.

I’ve figured out how to work around all of yesterday’s “what the fuck?” stuff at work. The feature demo is a recorded thing, so I am just putting together a power point with a bunch of screenshots, and then I can record myself presenting that vs. trying to record myself actually running the feature “live” and having to do it 50 times cause I fuck it up. And I’ve figured out a way to get the client test db closer to production. So, go me. (And, I may not actually have to do the demo? We’ll see, but I am not holding my breath, so that’s why it’s in progress anyway.)

Well, time to go fake may way through some meetings!

You have a great day.

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