My lord, the indignities of getting older. I have jacked up my back – by SLEEPING AND THEN HAVING A SNEEZE/COUGH. It’s the very center of my lower, lower back and I’m sitting here squirming and trying to figure out how the fuck do I even stretch this out?

Advil to the rescue and I may just belt a heating pad to my back while working. But JFC, this is so dumb.

I don’t want to let this put a dent in housecleaning, cause I am on a good roll, but the work I’ve been doing getting shelves up in the upstairs hall is on hold til the weekend I think – I think I’ll be focusing on the living room where I can clean while sitting on the floor, LOL.

OK, flung myself on the yoga mat, and child pose seems to feel pretty good – guess we’ll be doing a lot of that today.

Illustration of Child Pose - lay on floor face down, knees tucked up under you and arms stretched over head
Stretchy, Stretchy!

Also not helping with relaxation was seeing this as I opened the blinds this morning – OH MY GOD HOW DID A FROG GET IN HERE??!? Oh wait, not a frog…

Shadow in a lampshade that looks very much like a a frog, even though it is just the lampshade frame.
You see the frog, right?

You have a pain free day without any shadow frogs!

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