Goooood morning!

Back is getting better, yay – but JFC, I am still so mad that I managed to seize up my back SNEEZING. And the rain has stopped, so I can at least get out and walk today.

HAHAHA, you may have heard about Zillow buying up a shit ton of houses recently, and apparently they overbid on basically everything and now they’re looking at having to sell them at a loss.

And good for the lady California Condors who decided they didn’t need a damn man to get things done. Seriously, this is so cool! Good for them!

And our county’s case numbers continue to drop, YAY!! If we can continue the trend, we could be at moderate transmission in a week, and low by mid-November. I really want to truly put this damn pandemic in the rear view window. There’s just been so much unnecessary pain and loss for everyone, and we’re all so very tired.

Hang in there, and have a good day.

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