Goodbye, 2020.

And what a fucking year it has been.

It can basically be summed up as rage combined with deep, profound disappointment, over and over and over again.

Keep thinking back to our first suspected local case. Student from China came back after winter break and had symptoms. They were cleared – but I wonder if the test was even remotely accurate.

Governments utterly abandoned and failed us, some of our friends and neighbors failed us.

Science had to compete with idiots.

So many people tried so hard to be safe, sometimes imperfectly, but TRIED – not just for themselves, but for others – and watched as people wouldn’t mask up and had parties and gatherings and couldn’t skip two damn holidays, because, freedom.

2021 will be better. Better government. A vaccine that should help. A little bit of normalcy is on the horizon.

But I will always remember those who could have made 2020 better, and simply did not.

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