That was fun!

I watched a movie last night – like, actually *watched* it, didn’t pick up my phone once, and just did this wild thing called FOCUSING. Can’t remember the last time I did that – definitely pre-pandemic.

Also – if you have not seen Crazy Rich Asians, see it – very fun.

And it’s quarter end at work, which means I am desperately trying to cram all my training hours in – we’re supposed to do 10 hours a quarter. We do at least have access to LinkedIn Learning and we can do anything, we just have to do *something*.

Yesterday I did the two and a half hour “Teams Essentials” since we just rolled out Teams at work – I now know the mechanics of it, but zero idea how I’m going to make this a useful tool. It does bring our old message board, chat & internal meetings all into one place, which is nice, but I’m still obviously missing something here.

Today I am doing the “Teams & Outlook” because as far as I can tell, it only integrates with my calendar & tasks and not actually email, so maybe I’ll figure that out. (Or maybe it doesn’t actually hook into email and if so, WHY NOT?)

And as with every new quarter, I’ll be blocking off weekly training time to avoid this end of quarter cramming – and it will get shoved aside with the next release cycle, LOL.

Time to go learn some things!

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