Bring on the holiday!

Work is done and the final errand has been run, and the drugstore was pleasantly *not* a total shitshow. (I suspect the same cannot be said about the grocery store.)

I do think I will crack open a beer here shortly, as then I can’t leave the house at all, LOL. (Not that I’m particularly tempted to venture out again, it’s quite wet and gross out there today.)

Package wrapping has not started. Next year I will wrap everything as it comes into the house! (We’ll see if I remember this proclamation in 11 months.) Though it shouldn’t be too terrible since it’s not so much wrapping as putting things in the nice reusable bags that I collected over a couple years of having Amazon wrap things for me.

The re-watching of all The Christmas Carols is in full swing. FX’s 2019 version was last night (so dark, but so good) and we’re currently on Scrooge with Albert Finney, and next up will be Sir Patrick Stewart.

I have at least gotten the bags upstairs, and Lily is very keen to help.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on a stack of gift bags
Merry Christmas!

OK, time to get wrapping done so I’m not doing it at midnight.

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