We should all work half days

Or 6 hours a day, tops. Seriously, EVERYBODY. Nobody has more than 6 hours productivity in them anyway, so let’s just stop pretending.

In other news, half days this week have been nice, even if I have been beating my head into a wall a bit – that was going to happen half-days or full. It’s just nice to get off work and not be totally knackered.

Honey Baked Ham has been acquired – 1/4 bone in ham is the perfect size, about 4 pounds total. Good amount for now, some to freeze, and a good, meaty ham bone for ham, beans and cornbread down the road. (That is going to be soooo good come mid-January.) I also got a pound of ham salad, which I thought might be overkill, but no, we have just the right amount of ham *and* ham salad.

And the shop was a well oiled machine for getting folks in and out asap.

My brother very kindly cleaned out the fridge to make room for the ham (no small undertaking) and though I had said before I was only getting a 1/4 ham, the look of relief on his face when I walked in and he saw that I had *not* gotten a 12 pound half-ham was priceless.

Of course, I had to pass by the mall on the way to the shop and it was a bit horrifying the amount of traffic going into the mall. WHY? Same with listening to the traffic reports of all the highway traffic. WHAT ARE Y’ALL DOING?

And because 2020 is the gift that keeps giving, A BEAR HAS BEEN SPOTTED less than 1 1/2 miles from here. A. BEAR. (It has happened before, but it’s pretty unusual.)

I only have one last very quick Christmas errand to run after work today, pretty pleased with that.

And now I am going to go attempt to work a half day while constantly checking the Norad Santa tracker. (He’s in Papua New Guinea!)

I know it’s not going to be an easy Christmas, but do the best you can, hang in there, and be safe.

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