Yay, longer days!

We get a whole additional second of daylight today! OK, it’s better than nothing, and I’ll take it.

Another half day today, and my enthusiasm for work this week is waning – just having multiple cases of “I cannot brain today, I haz the dumb.” One thing I was working on this morning, I had to go at it three times before I got it right.

Christmas brunch shopping is done. Though in recent years, I’ve had that shopping list *memorized* – I wrote it all down, cause my brain has been slowly turning to swiss cheese this year.

I picked up the goodie bags from the local hardware store yesterday – nice reusable totes with a calendar, masks, candy, hand sanitizers, can cozies – AND A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER. That made me legit laugh out loud in the car. Worth the drive over to that side of town for the pickup. (And nice that there was a Walgreens right next door, knocked out stocking stuffers.)

And Congress is getting vaccinated. Whole big ol’ bag of mixed feelings there. I understand why they’re getting it – continuity of government and it’s important that their constituents see them get it. Little annoyed at the ones who have spent 9 months pretending this didn’t exist getting it. And then you have Rand Paul, “I’M IMMUNE!” Fuckin’ idiot.

Anyone else notice that 45 doesn’t seem to have gotten his inoculation yet? Does he think he’s immune? Is he scared? Is he just dumb? Just seems a really odd thing that he hasn’t gotten it yet – I mean, if there is any asshole who would shove their way to the front of the line for this, you’d expect it to be him.

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