Happy Boxing Day!

And yet again, I am disappointed it doesn’t mean you can punch someone in the face. Or something, like, I don’t know…2020 needs punching. (But also several someone’s in the Republican party.)

But, it is at least a Saturday, which is a good thing because after a nice little Christmas yesterday, I watched Jingle Jangle on Netflix – what a lovely movie! Great cast, fun story, visually gorgeous – it’s going in the permanent Christmas watching rotation. I did not know I needed a Black Victorian Steampunk Christmas story with singing – but I did!

Then I stayed up and watched Bridgerton. All of it. Which took until about 3:30 AM. Also delightful – I can say without spoilers that it is pretty much your typical Regency romp: Knuckleheads in love! Scandal! Pretty dresses! Young women who don’t know where babies come from! The best twist is that not everyone in Regency England is white! Which is historically accurate! Loved it.

Me & my little brother had our usual very low key but lovely Christmas – ate so much of the brunch casseroles that dinner didn’t even happen – I just snacked on hunks of Honey Baked Ham over the evening. Tonight I will make a proper side to go with it, LOL.

Lily had an excellent Christmas with treats and toys and TISSUE PAPER!! and a new grooming mitt and a kong grooming…thing. Even if I did inadvertently buy her toys that look like every illustration of the coronavirus we’ve seen this year, she is a contented kitty. (So, how early in 2021 can I use “Santa is watching!” when she gets up on the counter she’s not allowed on?)

Ball and feather cat toys that have a very unfortunate resemblance to a coronavirus illustration
Oh dear.

On the whole, despite everything, it was a good day. I hope your day was safe and filled with love.

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