It’s Fridaaaaaay!

And GDP dropped 32.9% in Q2 – holy shit. Fuck, if we were going to take that much of a hit, we might as well have TAKEN CARE OF PEOPLE.

Makes my company’s Q2 numbers look even better, to be sure. In other work news, our CEO did a little video yesterday and hit every box in buzzword bingo and said *nothing* – it was actually impressive, LOL. (Seriously, I listened twice because I thought I must have gotten distracted and missed something the first time.) But what he didn’t say – welp, that was clear, pay cuts will not be rescinded early. Guessing they’re expecting Q3 to be a bloodbath.

But, it’s Friday, I’m still employed, and we have a half day to boot.

Yesterday, I got off work, grabbed a beer and parked myself on the porch and watched my brother getting the recycling together and out to the curb and mentioned that he was being all productive while I sat on my ass. He pointed out that I had worked – but honestly? It doesn’t feel like an actual productive use of my time, which is very weird. (I genuinely like my job, do not get me wrong, but my brain thinks it’s not “productive”.)

OK, time to go be…not productive, LOL. Have an excellent Friday.

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