Wow, Friday already!

This week went by almost as fast as vacation did, which was really fucking fast.

Today’s big tasks besides work are phone calls, yaaaay. Gotta call the rental company and see if the advance reservation for next year really went through (no usual email confirmation) and make an appointment for the monster, as she’s being picky about her food and we can’t have that.

Of course, I should have made the rental call yesterday before they got into their insane turnover days, but I blanked on it. They’re not going to love yet another phone call today, but I’ve gotta make sure that reservation went through. (I did email and got no response, so I think I may have used a bad address, as they’re usually really responsive.)

I’ve set an alarm to remind myself to make these calls, because I will blank on it yet again if I don’t… (I feel like normal people do not have to do this.)

Today’s other big job is getting hydrated. I’ve not been good about drinking my water this week, and I can feel it. I’d been getting very good about taking some drinks whenever my fitbit buzzes at me to move (which I can’t really do while working) and when my hourly reminder to stand up and stretch beeps on my computer. This week? Wow, I’ve totally ignored them. TODAY WE DRINK TONS OF WATER!

Stay safe, drink your water, and have a wonderful day.

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