Just frustrated these days.

Baseball is back and I’m super conflicted about it. Padres are #1 in the NL West, and I’m happy games are back – but we sure as shit haven’t earned this and I don’t think it’s safe. A better person would be boycotting the season altogether. Sadly, it seems I am not that better person.

So many people have voluntarily been on their best pandemic behavior for the last 4+ months – and it’s not enough and we STILL have governors and the feds who flat our refuse to tell the rest of the country to get their damn shit together.

I’m not sure which is more disheartening – individuals who refuse to do something for the greater good, or governments that just go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We can’t do this with only 59% of folks taking precautions.

Chart showing US mask compliance at 59%

American fucking exceptionalism.

Source: NY Times – with interactive map

We could have shut everything down. Paid people to stay home safely. Mandated masks early on. Forced business that were essential to make their workplaces safer. Carpet bombed the country with testing, tracing and isolation plans.

But instead we’ve just wasted the last six months and 145,000 people are dead for it, and folks who *have* been trying to do the right thing are looking around and can’t help but feel like it was for nothing.

Businesses are finally going mask-mandatory because they’re realizing the government isn’t going to mandate it and give them any kind of cover.

And the CDC is completely worthless. I never thought that was something I would say, but here we are.

The closest thing I’ve had to a sit-down restaurant meal in over four months was eating tacos on the farthest corner of the boardwalk at the beach shops, 20+ feet away from another human – I could technically see where I’d usually sit at the taco shop. I haven’t spent more than 10 minutes in a non-grocery retail store, and the last time I spent more than 10 minutes in a grocery store was the end of April. My hair…is something else these days. I have an amazing collection of face coverings that I have been wearing diligently and quite willingly. I took a fucking pay cut that wiped out my disposable income. The last time I hugged another human being was March 13 – 134 days ago.

Tonight, we’ll probably be wild and crazy and do pickup from the local diner. (I am so sick of my own cooking these days, and I really want a patty melt.)

I don’t mind doing these things (well, except the pay cut, still pissed about that.) I very much do mind doing these things while the feds and more than a few governors just dick around and continue to do absofuckinglutely nothing.

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2 Responses to Just frustrated these days.

  1. Ashley says:

    I am continually blown away by the people who will go on and ON about how the lockdown is terrible and the children need to go back to school and the small business owners need help, but who won’t do the things necessary to make that happen. Whenever someone says something like that, I now say, “Yes, I agree. What are you doing to help make that happen?” Because if your answer involves going out for cocktails or having pool parties, I don’t believe you about wanting quarantine to end.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yeah, and I don’t feel like we’re asking THAT much, but it requires government to financially assist (HA!) and people to just not do some stuff. I mean, we can still do A TON of stuff, just not right next to each other with uncovered faces. It’s not that hard, but you’d think we were asking people to cut off an arm.

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