Pandemic Side Effect

Well, we found out at the beach that all three of us have apparently become morning people. The latest anyone (OK, me) slept was until 9:30 and most days we were all up and about by 8:30. And we all agreed it wasn’t terrible, LOL. So, maybe one tiny not awful thing has come out of this. Mornings are actually kinda nice. Who knew?

Back to work today, where I will spend the first half hour going, “Wait, what is my job again?” I am happy to report, I didn’t think about work AT ALL while I was on vacation – didn’t even check my email. So, the other part of that first half hour will be clearing out my inbox. The good news is that it shouldn’t be the shitshow of emails like it was last year.

Watching BBC news this morning and Boris Johnson is talking about a vaccine and masking up and such and my lord, 45 makes that utter boob look good. (They’ve pivoted to the Chris Wallace interview w/45 and yes, he looks like a fucking idiot.)

In other pandemic bullshit, Virginia was doing really good with Phase 2 + mandatory masks. Phase 3 has undone all that – our 7 day numbers are back where they were around June 2. The county is doing pretty good, and the Governor is blaming it on non-compliance in businesses Hampton Roads, but still, jeez. And we’re going enforcement heavy rather than really trying to figure out WHY Hampton Roads folks are non-compliant. (Personally, I think the state should have sent every household a half dozen reusable masks 3 months ago, but no one asked me.) Here’s an idea – STOP LETTING SO MANY PEOPLE BE INSIDE AT THE SAME TIME, DAMMIT. I resistbot’d the Governor last week about reverting to Phase 2 – may have to be that annoying constituent again this week.

The LilyMonster is still being her usual post-trip velcro kitty self – and has decided she loves her wet food again. She’d been a bit fussy about the dry and had loved some wet treats I got her, so I popped a can of wet for her and she was very, “OMG, THIS IS GREAT, WHY AREN’T YOU GIVING ME THIS ALL THE TIME?!” Um, cause you were turning your nose up at it? So, she will just have ALL the food varieties available to her going forward. Weird kitty.

Looking at a high of 98 today – I know it’s mid-July in DC, but yikes. Especially painful coming off a week of high 80s with an ocean breeze.

Welp, off to go to the thing. You have a great day and don’t melt.

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