I shouldn’t have looked

But I did – our parent companies Q2 financials were published today. We took a small hit on revenue, and net income was far in excess of the cuts in expenses, as I suspected – we could have had the same expenses as Q1 and still come out well ahead. I’ll be very interested to see what Q3 brings. (What I’d really like to see is a message from our CEO when I log on later saying they’re rescinding the pay cuts. I’m not holding my breath – but they have to know that WE CAN SEE THESE NUMBERS.)

Saw my first unmasked person out in the wild this morning – I had picked up my Starbucks and there was a woman walking up to the door w/no mask and just as she started to grab the door handle, you could literally see her go, “Shit, my mask!” and turn around to go back to her car. I will say, folks in my area have been really good about it.

The rest of the state? Well, as of yesterday, our 7 day rolling total of new cases is back to where it was at the end of May. We’re not back to our previous peak, but really damn close. My county is holding pretty well, but honestly, it looks like Phase 3 may have been a mistake, and there needs to be a serious look at *why* non-compliance is a problem in some places. Don’t just enforce, figure out *what* is going on.

Had to pop into the market this morning for cat treats (some things cannot wait for the curbside pickup) – ran into my favorite gal that works there. It was so nice to get to see her and chat for a few minutes. She said, “We notice when our regulars are gone!” She agreed that the curbside pickup is pretty great and that spending more than a few minutes in a store really isn’t fun these days. (And she is stuck there ALL DAY…)

OK, time to go do the thing and somehow stick it to the man at the same time…

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