Can it be tomorrow at 1, please?

Cause if today is like yesterday, it’s gonna be rough, LOL. I was great up until about 1 then I hit a WALL. Had a meeting at 3 that was one of those “just sit and listen” types and I’m not gonna lie, I may have dozed off momentarily. The minute I got off work, Lily and I napped HARD for a good hour and a half. My brother came upstairs and got as far as being able to see Lily at the foot of my bed and apparently she gave him a HELLA look of “GIRL HAS HAD A HARD DAY, DON’T YOU DARE WAKE HER.” She’s a good kitty. :)

I’ve got a BIG mug of coffee this morning in hopes that it will stave off the sleepies today, and I should probably go for a quick walk at lunch… (In retrospect, I probably should have done that this morning.)

I am so excited for this long weekend, even though I have zero plans. It’s been a HARD couple of months. Having 2 1/2 months with no days off scheduled was probably not the best idea even without a pandemic.

In weird news, I suddenly have BBC News back on my cable. Still have new coax cable coming, and I need to remember to call and get a replacement cable card thing for my TiVo anyway. But my god, it’s nice to have regular non-ridiculous morning news again that’s trying to entertain me. Just tell me what’s going on in the world.

Well, time to go do the thing and try and avoid the wall. Here’s Lily – during that meeting yesterday – no wonder I got so drowsy.




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