Hump Daaaay!

At least for the M-F crowd. Plus we get booted out early Friday and have a much needed long weekend.

No big Memorial Day plans here other than cooking up some brats, and probably sitting on the porch. Pools won’t be opening yet, which is fine, water is too damn cold still, and most years the weather sucks this weekend anyway. Seriously, it’s 53° on May 20th.

It’s been a productive morning already of helping someone from my former department, and letting a product manager know the reason a supposedly released bug fix is still marked as in testing is because it’s not being released until the end of next week.

I’m trying to plot out the rest of my day, and we have Feature A to test, except it’s still not ready. Bug B? Not ready. Feature C? Ready, but ewh, this is dumb, I don’t want to work on this. (I am the best employee some days, LOL.)

But in the absence of other things to tend to, Feature C it is.

But first, some very serious kitty biscuit making from Lily from the other night. No live shot today as she got some new flavored treats yesterday and she’s been gorging on them and is sacked out in the hallway.

Lily, a black and orange tortoiseshell cat, kneading on a fleece blanket.
Gotta make the biscuits
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