Breakin’ out for mental health

Yup, this morning I was out and about for things that are honestly, completely unnecessary from a physical survival standpoint. But – Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have certainly brightened my morning. All mobile ordered and social distanced and masked up, and WE HAVE DONUTS!

picture (6).gif

In the last day or so, I’ve also realized that seeing folks without masks makes me a bit uncomfortable. Today there was a couple in the donut shop with a toddler, and no masks. They were way the fuck far away from me, so that didn’t really concern me, but they have a little kid who could be really adversely affected by this. (Plus spreading it asymptomatically…)

I mean, I don’t know anyone that *likes* masks, but it’s a really easy thing that actually makes a difference. And I will admit I wasn’t super enthusiastic about it at first, because there were so many conflicting proclamations about it, but the consensus finally appears to be that this is a good idea, and I’ve been all in on it for near two months at this point.

And it’s taken some experimentation to figure out what works for me. Any kind of elastic over the ears is a no-go – even using cut up pantyhose, they still start to hurt after a while and I’ve discovered my ears aren’t even, and one of them isn’t shaped right for an over the ear situation. (The things we learn about ourselves in a pandemic.)

The popular pleated no-sew option is great, but actually had way too many layers and I found it difficult to breathe. (I think it had thinner fabric in mind.) But, flip the bandana diagonally, 4 layers, no elastics needed, you can just tie it behind your head for a quick outing, or tie on some shoelaces if you’re going to be out longer and don’t want to worry about it coming untied. Bonus: You look like an NPC in Red Dead Redemption.

Plus, everybody and their brother is selling masks now in every style possible, and for those manly men who are worried it will make them look weak – you can get them with sports logos! What could be more manly than that?!

In non-Covid news – looks like we’re actually going to have spectacular weather for this long weekend! 70s and 80s and no rain! This is unusual, cause I swear most years it rains all three days. Granted, nothing much to do but hang on the porch, but it’s better than stuck inside with rain, and it’s not like I’d be making some grand outing anyway.

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2 Responses to Breakin’ out for mental health

  1. Ashley says:

    I’ve been doing the Wild West folded red bandana method, too. I tie it twice above my ponytail and it stays put.

    I’m way too educated on the homemade variety’s efficacy thanks to Dad’s situation, so I reeeeeally think we should all be using surgical masks instead, but I’ve had to not let perfect get in the way of good (or at least good enough). A friend thought I was an anti-mask nut for being critical of their efficacy, but no, I just wish our country had actually planned ahead so that we could all have the good kind. Oh well.

    Mmm, Dunky’s… [Homer Simpson noises]

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yeah, it would be awesome if disposable surgical ones were widely available. I do throw a piece of furnace filter in my bandana masks/pocket of the sewn ones I’ve got – hell, if nothing else, because they’re “ultimate allergen!” at least it’s keeping the pollen out.

      I saw your post about looking for masks w/nose wire & filter pocket – I’ll keep an eye out, but I haven’t seen any with a wire as of yet.

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