Welp, buckle up, Virginia

We’re all going to Phase 1 tomorrow. Despite the fact that my county had 1900 new cases in the last week, and and as a state, our 7 day average for daily tests is just over 9K. We should over 15K a day. And our positives for the last week are still over 10%.

The only upside is that masks are now mandatory, which should have happened a while ago.

My salon is reopening tomorrow and as such, will no longer be offering take home color kits. Just when I’d finally convinced myself I could do it at home. I think it’s shortsighted, cause I can’t be the only person that doesn’t feel it’s safe to go to a salon, even with all the precautions they’re taking. (Also – if you have to cut bookings by 50%, wouldn’t you want some quick income streams?)

Minneapolis. Jesus, I don’t even know what to say there, except if the cops don’t want people protesting them murdering someone, they should stop murdering people.

BBC is covering England starting a big track/trace/isolate campaign… The thing they should have been doing 2+ months ago? Not that we’re doing any better here, but it’s so, so late to be only starting this on a wide scale anywhere. Watching cases spike all over the country and multiple states where it’s just getting worse – it’s like folks thought “Well, things are getting better in New York, so it must be fine everywhere.”

We’re gonna get more people killed, but by god, we’ll reopen the economy.

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