Something that’s not total shit

And that’s important these days. My company is laying out the preliminary plan to reopen offices, and it’s not stupid or misguided.

First, props to my coworkers of whom 90% said they were working just fine at home and 78% who noped the fuck out on going back into the office according the survey we had last week.

We’re not going to be putting folks back in the office for at least 3 months, with partial capacity at that, and it’s totally opt-in.

I suspect when lease renewals come around, we’ll be opting for less space.

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2 Responses to Something that’s not total shit

  1. Ashley says:

    One of the companies I contract for just sent out an “Uhhhh we may not have a mailing address soon” notice. I suspect I’ll be working with a lot of places that only exist from P.O. boxes. Makes sense.

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