Shiny Saturday

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here’s it’s a deceptively beautiful day where the sun is sharp and shiny but it’s cold as fuck out there. Proof positive that I have *not* bought too many hoodies/fleece jackets from REI over the course of the pandemic. (New one may have arrived this week – it was 40% off*…)

It’s basically my uniform. Jeans, short sleeved shirt, fleece jacket. Occasionally I get crazy and go with long sleeved shirt and fleece vest. Honestly, one of the great things about working from home is not having to dress up for work – rolling out of bed into comfy clothes that don’t have to be dry cleaned is so very nice.

Still unbelievably annoyed with the new variant. I mean, it doesn’t actually change anything for me, I’ll just keep hermiting and watching local case counts and act accordingly, but still, it certainly took the wind out of my sails. Just means the end of this is that much farther away, and I’m running out of interesting and healthy coping mechanisms. (It’s definitely time to get started on Lily’s quilt…)

It’s just frustrating to see so many folks acting like it’s all over – either not getting vaccinated, or getting vaccinated and not paying attention to case counts and taking all kinds of risks – and I absolutely understand, lord knows I seriously miss restaurants, but it’s that behavior that will just make this go longer. And they’ll just keep doing it and the rest of us will still be stuck. That’s just maddening.

Of course, then I wonder if I’m being overly cautious and just needlessly torturing myself.


I did go to the Hallmark store to get some gifty things for my hairstylist, shampoo gal, & acupuncturist – and got myself a little Christmas decor that is very sparkly and makes me smile.

There’s a chance this never gets put away

Stay safe, and enjoy your Saturday. I’ll be staring at my glitter lantern if anyone needs me.

*REI does these member super deals every now and again – I’ll get an email and it’s maybe a dozen items and it’s usually camping equipment – but this time, a hoodie in the mix! In my size and preferred color and very well priced! I wouldn’t have paid the original $60 for it, but $36 for something I will wear a whole lot? Sure!

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