So, bread.

OK, with sugar in the yeast, the first rise was better than yesterday.

Bowl of bread dough

Second rise, OK, but expected a wee bit better when I first peeked at it.

Dough rolled into loaf, ready for oven

Suspected the spot I was letting it rise wasn’t warm enough. Got out thermometer. 73º on the kitchen counter. Ideal temp is 75-78º – started wandering around with the thermometer like a deranged water witch, but for air temperature. Discovered the perfect spot is actually right on the sofa next to me, ROFL.

So, I parked the baking sheet there while I waited for the oven to heat up. (Wasn’t long enough to make a difference, but I had to try.) Baked for 25 minutes at 450º then a butter wash and then 5 more minutes in the oven.

Mmmm, bread

The butter wash is nice – still have a pleasingly crunchy crust, but not “break your teeth” crunchy. The back corner did get a tiny bit overcooked, but the first slice after it was excellent. And the second slice, and third.

So, if I do this again next weekend, definitely going to scout around the kitchen/living room again to find the right temp for the dough to rise, and I think I may put some cheese in it.

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