And yes, the days are kinda meaningless and it’s not like I have any big weekend plans, but hey, FRIDAY! And we’ve gotten through 64 days of this shitshow!

I forgot to call the cable company yesterday, and I’m in morning chat show hell again, LOL. I will say, the local Fox affiliate of all things is better than the Today show. The weather guy is attempting to make cowboy coffee and the general consensus is that it sucks. Protip: Much like with a french press, you have to let it sit longer than any instructions say to.

Baseball. Gawd, folks, just call the season already and do it right next year. They’re talking about tons of testing, etc – but the minute one player tests positive, the whole team is going to have to go into quarantine for two weeks. That’s not going to work when *one* team is affected, and when it’s more than one team? Plus, it puts the stadium, transportation, and hospitality workers at unnecessary risk, and the fans. Next season will be far sweeter if we’re not mourning more dead.

Last weekend we had freeze warnings and today it’s going to be in the mid-to-high 80s. We had approximately two days of nice spring 70s weather in the past two months. DC “spring” is stupid.

My salon was planning on opening today, but they’ve now sent out a “Sorry, we’ll try again later” email – I’m not upset that Fairfax County has pushed back Phase I. Our numbers are still shit, so it’s the right thing to do. Frankly, I don’t think the state numbers as a whole look that great either – our testing still isn’t anywhere near where it needs to be – but what the hell do I know.

My company is starting the planning for when folks can come back in, and I will give them credit – they are making it opt-in. They sent out a survey about it, and I think they will find most folks will be opting out. If I wasn’t already permanent remote, I wouldn’t set foot in an office anytime soon. (And honestly, I think maintaining distance is hella easier at home than in an office, and we have done just fine with everyone remote.) In the last couple years, they’ve been trying to hire folks into local offices vs. remote (cause it seems we leased too much office space) – which is dumb, because it unnecessarily restricts the talent pool you’re drawing on, and working in an office sucks. Time to just write off those lease costs and plan on scaling back when the renewal comes around. Folks aren’t coming back to a petri dish.

Welp, time to go rent my brain out for a while. You give yourself a pat on the back for making it to yet another Friday!

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