Claude Moore Colonial Farm

So, I found out this week that the National Park Service wants to close down the farm

But we may be able to stop it.

The farm is a working 18th century farm.  It’s a great educational resource, and beyond that it’s just a very nice place.  It’s a piece of calm in the middle of the chaos that is Northern Virginia – your blood pressure drops just walking into the site.  They have a market fair three times a year, and it’s always packed.

I have no doubt that they want to sell the land to developers, and given this administration, someone appointed by 45 will likely end up lining their pockets because of it.  If it does get sold, it will either end up being offices (which we don’t need) or houses that no one can afford, which we also don’t need.  (I harbor zero illusions that this could become a tract of affordable housing.)

We need to not sell off everything we have to the highest bidder.  We need to have things that are a net benefit to society that can’t be measured in dollars.  Good things should be allowed to exist without a profit motive.

I went to the spring market fair today.  I hope it’s not the last.

wooded area on a sunny day with a creek running through it

There is very little cleared land.  Only some grazing areas and where they’re planting.  The rest is all wooded.

A small pond in a wooded area on a sunny day

Half pond, half low spot and we have had a LOT of rain lately

A turkey in a wooden turkey shed


A very old water well with a wooden bucket

Water well

A spit of chickens over a fire, with pans of sausage cooking as well


A creek in the woods on a sunny day

Lots of little creeks throughout

A  brown cow in a field near a wooded area at the edge of the grazing area


5 chickens of varying breeds

Squad goals


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1 Response to Claude Moore Colonial Farm

  1. Ashley says:

    Turkeys and moos!!!

    “Good things should be allowed to exist without a profit motive.” A++++

    It looks so lovely. I really hope it survives. I’m concerned that I heard about it before you…word must not be getting out enough. I’m going to call my Congressman’s office today and ask that he co-sponsor the bill to save it; thanks for the reminder.

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