Well, we’ve got ourselves a new holiday

Happy (Observed) Juneteenth, everyone!

On the whole, this is a good thing. Juneteenth is a very important day in the Black community in the United States, and it should be recognized and CRT panic be damned, be taught in schools. (And it’s been a state holiday in Texas since 1980 – shocked the hell out of me when I found that out.)

Also, I’m not turning down a day off.

But, I am worried that white people & capitalism will somehow fuck it all up.

And, it feels so typically “let’s do the absolute minimum at the very last minute” that Congress loves to do. The holiday is great, but Congress needs to do so, so much more. Symbolic actions and band-aid fixes are simply not enough.

Still shocked that my company was *ahead* of this, since they are a company and do not love paying us for not working. Our D&I group did a fantastic presentation on the history of Juneteenth yesterday, and someone very earnestly asked, “As a white person, how can I appropriately note the day?”

I will not lie, my snarky ass first thought, “Do not put raisins in your potato salad.” But the presenters are better than I am and said to support Black owned businesses or donate to a charity that supports the Black community.

And I’ll add, take a moment or two to think about why we even have to have it, and how much work we still need to do.

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