So, we saw Omicron coming. The only mitigation step we took in response was a travel ban. Cases got out of control.

And now we’re cutting isolation time to 5 days with a bunch of caveats that no one will listen to and don’t even include “and a negative test result.”

Between this and the hyperfocus on “the great economy” – well, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling really fucking dehumanized these days.

Here in Virginia, there has been zero mitigation. Restaurants and bars are still open. No mask mandate. Absofuckinglutely nothing beyond, “get vaccinated” – and for reasons I do not understand, counties can’t do their own mask mandates, it has to come from the state. And Northam checked out on this in May.

And YES, you should get vaccinated. But JFC, we need some extra help with this one, fucknuts.

My advice to everyone out there – if you test positive, under NO circumstances should you tell your workplace you are asymptomatic. There are lots of quiet symptoms – they can say “well, you’re not coughing” but they can’t prove that you don’t have a headache or a terrible backache or deep fatigue. They will force you to come back too soon, it will be harder for you to heal, and you’ll infect other people.

“We can’t let society collapse!” It already has. We let capitalism win over and over and over again. Maybe if we shut things down for a little bit, we can ease up the pressure on healthcare instead of whatever the fuck this strategy is.

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