2021 has been a year, hasn’t it? It wasn’t *all* bad – we had a couple months with truly low case counts and I was able to spend some time at the beach and eat great food and go to the aquarium and the Elizabethan Gardens, and there were a couple indoor dinners beyond that, too.

But overall, the theme seemed to just be whiplash. It started off with such promise. Vaccines on the way in. TFG on the way out. Then an insurrection. New administration, new broken promises.

Low case count summer, then Delta. Then Omicron. Federal/State/Local governments who abdicated responsibility for public health over and over again, because, “well, there are vaccines.” (I think I’m on my way to being an anarchist. Mutual aid FTW.)

Fall plans canceled. Winter plans canceled. Watching other folks *not* cancel plans as cases have skyrocketed.

Some days where I wanted to cry from exhaustion, but I was too tired to actually do it.

But, we got through it. Some days definitely easier than others, but we’re here – and I’m glad you’re here, too. And I hurt for those who didn’t make it.

Seems like Omicron may have peaked in South Africa – not sure what that really means for us, but I am really happy for them.

2022 is going to be off to a rough start, but we’re getting good at this. (A skill I know I didn’t want, but here we are.) Take care of yourself as best you can – both physically and mentally. Extend the grace you give to others to yourself as well.

Here’s some shots that made me smile this year – because it won’t always be like this and there will be nice things again.

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