My brain is so dumb sometimes

So, now that I figured out the trick to making my KN-95s fit so they’re not flapping at the sides like a fish out of water*, I’ve been using them exclusively for the past week.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and lightweight they are. (Weird, cause when I first tried them a while back, I did not feel that way at all, no idea what’s different, cause they’re the same masks, but hey, I’m weird.)

Of course, given this relative comfort of them, my brain can’t help but go, “Are you sure it’s really working? It’s awfully comfortable to be effective.”

This despite multiple articles saying KN95s are a) good, and b) can be comfortable.


*Rather than having the straps loop over my ears, I pull it back and clip it behind my head with a large paper clip. Better fit, plus the straps aren’t rubbing on the back of my ears.

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