Ewh, Monday.

Not really in the mindset to work today, but I haven’t won the lottery, so… (Maybe tomorrow, LOL.)

On the upside, I did an excellent job of not thinking about work in the last week, to the point where I have zero idea what I even have on my plate today, so that’s something.

But, it is at least a short week and we get paid, so it’s not all bad, but I am wishing I’d taken a half day today to ease back into things. My work ethic – amazing isn’t it? (It might be slightly better if I didn’t already know raises will be garbage this year and they’d sent me a gift card for the holiday instead of ear buds I can’t use – but only slightly, cause I’m just tired more than anything.)

I’m not “OMG, fuck this company” just more, “Y’all really, really need to understand how tired everyone is and yet they’re still doing amazing work and maybe a set of earbuds flung from a FedEx truck with no note that makes the recipient think they’re getting fake merch in an Amazon review scam* isn’t the best way to show you get it.” (That’s on corporate, my department has done pretty well, I will say that.)

But, it is what it is, and there is only so much you can do in the face of a pandemic and capitalism. Time to go do the thing and see if anyone in charge was visited by some ghosts last week.

You have a good day, take care of yourself, and stick it to the man where you can.

*I did come close to throwing them away cause it seemed so very sketchy, ROFL. How do you not tell the fulfillment company to put in a note? But then again, whoever was in charge of this is probably very tired, too.

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