Happy Boxing Day!

And yet again, I sit here disappointed that it doesn’t mean I can punch someone.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas – for those who had to cancel plans, I’m so sorry, but I’m also really glad you’re staying safe. And hey, there’s still Orthodox Christmas on January 7th. Or some random Saturday whenever – as a military brat, I can tell you – you can make Christmas whatever day you need it to be.

Our day was very nice and low-key. I’ve hit the point in life where “low-key” is my favorite type of event. I don’t know when my brother and I decided we’d just stick with brunch and not do a full Christmas dinner on top of that, but I’m so glad we did – makes the day so much easier.

I still don’t know how my mother managed a full Christmas Eve dinner, breakfast, and then a full Christmas dinner. But I do recall the year when I said, “What if I just got a slew of heat & eat appetizers for Christmas Eve and we just snack all evening?” and she was very HELL, YES. (Still very proud of that idea.)

And now it’s time to ease myself into the post-holidays, bleah. Start the next house project, back to work tomorrow, etc, etc. Also time to think about what I’d like to accomplish in 2022 – that’s going to be an interesting intellectual exercise after the past 2 years.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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