Weird ass pandemic dreams…

So, last night I dreamt I was down in Virginia Beach for some reason, enjoying the beach and even saw a great white shark. Got word that there was an all ages vaccination clinic at Rexall Drugs (which does not exist any more – no idea where my brain pulled *that* bit from) and I went cause they said it was fine as long as I was a Virginia resident.

Got the shot, was SUPER excited and then realized that if it wasn’t a J&J, I’d need a second one, so I was reading the card and it was some manufacturer I’d never heard of – and even in my dreams, I know we only have three vaccines – J&J, Moderna & Pfizer.

Come to find out that they were giving out flu shots and saying they were Covid shots, cause “well, it’s all the same!” And they charged me $300 for it. The disappointment was crushing.

WHY WOULD MY BRAIN DO THAT TO ME?! Seriously, waking life is enough of a rollercoaster.

Time to go try and have a semi-normal day, since I certainly get any semi-normal sleep.

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