I hope this isn’t an omen for the day…

Ran up to my Starbucks and the two parking spots right in front of the shop are clearly marked “For Compact Cars Only” (with good reason, it’s an odd section in the parking lot where if you park there, getting out is really an exercise in precision driving. I never try to park there.)

So of course, an extended cab truck parked diagonally across the two spots.

The bit that is going to kick my ass over the next three days at work – that is going to depend heavily on no one parking a truck diagonally in front of me…

At least the task at hand is easily split into 3 distinct parts that should all take roughly the same amount of time to complete – and I have 3 distinct days to get it done.

I just need to avoid anyone who could add additional work to my plate, LOL. I have at least two meetings that I can think of off the top of my head, but I can do what I usually do in those – half-listen and actually do other work through them. (Most meetings I am in, I do not have to be in…*sigh*)

But, there may be a remote session with our security software vendor… I have finally convinced the IT Security folks that the security software *is* the culprit in the issues I’m having with the client VPN. Logs were captured and reviewed and our internal IT folks were, “well, fuck, we gotta open a ticket with the vendor” – maybe they’ll be busy until Thursday. (And IT Security is already IM’ing me about it…maybe I need to remove Teams from my phone. I AM NOT AT WORK YET.)

I suppose I could have worked this weekend to get ahead on these next three days, but honestly, I just did not have it in me. I barely got my teeth brushed this weekend.

But today, I have a very large cold brew next to me, we’ve got a sunny day on tap, which is always good for the ol’ mental energy levels. Hopefully it will not be three 12 hour days.


ETA: My day has started with this:

Windows Blue Screen of Death
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