You made it to another Friday!

Congrats on getting through all the fuckery, and remember, no matter how many mistakes you made, you didn’t jam a boat sideways in the Suez Canal.

In local vaccine news, our numbers are starting to improve a bit. The waitlist to get an appointment is dropping rapidly, which is great. But, we’ve had 342K register and so far, only 140K fully vaccinated. That’s a lot of folks to still work through before we can move to anything beyond 1B. We’re getting a bit over 2400 folks to a fully vaccinated status a day, but it will take until June to get through those 202K people. January 2022 to get to everyone.

My state delegate is going to be poking the state health department to see about our allocations – parts of the state are already doing all ages vaccinations and we’re only 40% through our 1B group, and we’re lagging behind national averages to boot.

If you’ve gotten vaccinated, I am so truly happy for you – but please, wait for the rest of us before you go understandably nuts so we can try to keep these variants down. Also – GO GET THAT KRISPY KREME DONUT! Or any other vax card bonus/discount/freebie you can get your hands on. (Seriously, KK did a silly, nice thing and I have zero time for the fatphobia cloaked in concern trolling.)

On to super neat things – Octopi may very well dream when they sleep! How cool is that?

We’ve got a half day today and it actually looks like I may get to take advantage of it. Mind you, I worked very late last night to make it happen, but hey, still should be able to enjoy the afternoon. I still can’t figure out if I’m just shit at my job, or overtasked. I am going with overtasked, because I get the impression that no one on the team on the other side of the world will ever admit something took longer than scheduled and never challenge the estimates. Gotta figure out how to get them to rise up and say, “NO, THAT WILL TAKE LONGER!”

Have a great weekend!

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