It hasn’t even been a week

And we’re trying to process yet another mass shooting. Last week we lost 8 people, 6 of them Asian American women who just got up and went to work. Yesterday – 10 people who just went to the grocery store.

Guns, white supremacy, and violent misogyny (among other things) has made it so no one and nowhere is safe in this country.

Asian Americans aren’t safe. Nor are black people, or hispanic people, or Jewish people, or Muslim people, or LBGTQ people, or Sikh people, or students, or women.

People have died at home, at school, at work, at music festivals, at the movies, at community fairs, bars & nightclubs, airports, grocery stores, fucking everywhere.

If I’ve missed a group or venue – it’s only because there have been so damn many of these mass shootings in my life.

We may not be able to easily change the attitude of “the answer is opening fire on people I don’t like” – but we sure as hell can make it harder for people to get the guns to do it.

I’ve written my reps yet again.

I swear to god, only in America could we have public health policy that is so bad and a population that is so selfish that if Covid doesn’t get you, some asshole with a gun will.

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