It is a very grey and dreary spring day here in the mid-Atlantic, with a call for storms to boot. Got all the blinds open and every light on in the living room and it still feels dark as fuck in here. Not exactly the type of weather that makes you jump up and go, “LET’S GET SHIT DONE!!”

Seriously, tho, props to everyone who gets off work, or wakes up on a weekend morning and goes, “This is what I need to do around the house” and then JUST DOES IT.

I have gotten Turbo Tax downloaded and done a first pass at my taxes, which definitely counts as something. (BTW, FU to the GOP for fucking all us non-rich folks over on taxes.)

I’m going to blame work for my lack of activity this weekend, LOL. It kicked my ass last week and the first half of this coming week looks to be pretty brutal. So, I’m…conserving my energy? Yeah, that’s it!

I think what I actually need is a proper 4 day long weekend where I am not spending *any* of it working because someone changed a deadline at the last minute, or cramming in extra hours before or after. We don’t have any holidays until Memorial Day, and taking real breaks is important.

Hell, even our department VP sent out a message saying it was very unlikely we’d have an increased PTO rollover this year, and to please take some PTO cause it’s not healthy to work day in and day out. Granted, he also said he knew it was hard because of Covid…and workloads. Dude, you just admitted in writing that you know workloads are at a place where it’s making taking our use or lose PTO very difficult… Like, maybe you need to do something about that? (In our last flash survey, I unloaded over the whole “we’ve given you time off every pay period, but in no way directed management to take this into account with workloads.”)

So, the other work task this week is going to be figuring out how to get my workload more balanced once I get past this 3 days that are probably going to suuuuuuuck. I wish it was just a matter of being more efficient at work – but really, it’s going to probably require me saying “no” a lot more, and that never goes over well. We’ll see.

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