Whew, we have a turkey

Well, technically a bone in turkey breast, but WE HAVE IT!

The plan was hit Giant, Lidl, Safeway, Giant, Safeway, Giant, Safeway, Giant and cry if that didn’t work. (Last year, I think I had to go as far as Safeway #2.)

Giant didn’t have any, which I was ready for – it’s been years since they carried turkey breasts, but hope springs eternal, and they had some frozen ones earlier this week, but all under 6#.

On to Lidl, which just opened maybe a month ago – took over the old Shoppers space. Walked in, first chill case I saw had turkey breasts! And a 7.84# one to boot. Granted, it’s Jennie-O vs my beloved Shady Brook Farms, but hey, desperate times.

While fully acknowledging that they saved my ass and made it so I didn’t have to go all over creation – it was kinda disappointing, and I had been really looking forward to checking it out.

Somehow the space is smaller than Shoppers was and the stocks are low/sections are tiny. The turkeys were in an endcap chiller, and I thought, “OK, these are some of them with the rest of the inventory in a bigger space on a wall or somewhere” but realized, no, that was all they had in the store. 4 turkey breasts, and maybe 10 full sized turkeys.

And they’re making two mistakes that Shoppers did and had to eventually change – they stripped the flooring down to the concrete, and no matter how much you scrub that, it still looks filthy, and they don’t bag purchases.

But, they had what I needed, and I am grateful for that. I just don’t see it becoming a place I will shop on the regular.

And the ice maker is working again! I suspect that I am greatly underestimating the time it takes for it to make a batch – when I don’t need ice, it seems like it is dumping a batch every time I turn around. But when I do need ice…it appears to not be functioning at all. But overnight, it’s gone to town and we should be fully stocked on ice and then some by Thursday when I’ll need a fuckton for the brine.

So, I can relax for the rest of the day, YAY. I didn’t get that laundry done yesterday, so that is still on the list, but that’s easy.

FUCK: Just realized I was supposed to grab bread with the turkey… Well, I have one more errand I do have to run today, but that shop doesn’t open until noon, but it’s also next to a market, so that problem will solve itself.

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