Did I say potentially quiet week?


Today’s maybe/maybe not 8:30 meeting is now 9AM tomorrow, which is fine, but it also means that there won’t be enough time to test any changes the dev checks in as a result of the meeting, so this bug needs to be pushed back, or handed off to someone who is working Thursday, because I am not. (Well, even if the meeting was today, there wouldn’t really be enough time.)

Also need to let this dev know that any time he needs to meet w/just me, I am more than happy to do it at 9AM his time/9PM my time. (There is a third person on this particular meeting, but just me, fuck yes, I can leave my laptop on for a few extra hours and hop on. They do it all the time for us.)

And that also make me realize – I need to hop on tonight and grab him and tell him about moving that bug. I can’t officially make the change – but he can let the person who does make the “official” decision know and do so at the *start* of their Tuesday vs. their Wednesday if I waited until the morning.

That whole thing aside, I have a *monster* test that also has to be done before I clock out on Wednesday – they said hold off cause we were waiting for some feedback…well, we never got that feedback and it’s “welp, guess we test it anyway!” and now I’m in a wee bit of a crunch. Ah well. I have to do 2 rounds of 9 sets of basically the same test – the first is always the biggest bitch, between setup and validating what the system is spitting out vs. my own calculations. 2-9 should zip through super quick – but getting through the first set…whew, that’s always so damn slow and always makes me think “I won’t get it done in time!”

But it’s all good, it will all get done somehow. I’ve just had a lovely turkey sandwich for lunch (no, I don’t know why I bought turkey cold cuts right before Thanksgiving either) and I’m going to go take a nice long hot shower to be all shiny for the second half of the day. (Yay, working remotely!)


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