Daily Archives: November 8, 2020

Can I extend my weekend just for one extra day??

Cause while the overwhelming emotional feeling I’m having is relief, the overwhelming physical thing I’m feeling is SO TIRED. I’ve started drafting my “bitch, you better get some shit DONE” letters to my representatives, the DNC, and the President-Elect. Also … Continue reading

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And now, a note for Biden voters

THANK YOU. Especially those in red states – it must have felt futile, but THANK YOU. To every volunteer, organizer, phone banker (sorry I never answered), text banker, lit dropper, and canvasser who got out the vote: THANK YOU. To … Continue reading

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A note to Trump voters

This is my olive branch, and my words are sincere. Nothing in a Biden/Harris administration is going to hurt you. Really. The socialist hellscape that you’ve been promised – it isn’t going to happen. It just isn’t. Yes, if you’re … Continue reading

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